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The Wild Life Stage Plot 10-26.jpg

​Drums  (Miles) – In-ear monitor. Boom stand with vocal mic for background vocals. 


Bass (Adrienne) – Monitor wedge. Bass amp gets mic then XLR input to FOH.


Guitars (Neil) – Acoustic guitar and guitar go into Headrush digital effects floorboard and then into FOH through XLR stereo outputs from Headrush. Monitor wedge. Four AC outlets needed. 


Piano (Kerry) – Acoustic guitar goes to FOH through DI box. Electric piano goes to FOH through XLR or 1/4" cables stereo out. Lead Vocal mic on boom stand. Monitor wedge. AC power outlet for piano


Lead Vocals (Nicole) – Vocal mic on boom stand. Monitor wedge. 


Total Inputs into FOH mixer:

Drums – TBD

Bass – one mic on bass amp

Keys/stereo outs from electric piano 

Guitar (Neil) – two XLR outs from
Headrush pedalboard 

Nicole – one vocal mic XLR

Kerry – one vocal mic XLR 

Miles – one vocal mic XLR


Total inputs into FOH =  8 inputs plus drum mics


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