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We are all craving real, authentic time together again and music is the best way to be in community with those we care about! Book a WILD NIGHT House Concert with The Wild Life. If you want to wow your friends, family, and co-workers or simply create deeper bonds with your neighbors, we’ll bring our original music to your home in its most intimate form, unplugged and raw for those who love to LISTEN in a venue that’s not impersonal and hard to get to.

You, as the host, will curate the guest list of about 15-35 music lovers and listeners! You set the price per person. Whatever you do not collect you pay the difference to the band.
● Tickets between $20-40 (guests choose)
● If your guests pay over the band’s rate, you can tip the band extra!
● OR, if your guests pay over the band’s rate you can donate to a
  good cause of your choice!

You can provide lite snacks and drinks or ask guests to bring something but this night is not about the meal, it’s about the music. Emphasize that this will be a CONCERT and a LISTENING ROOM. Plenty of time to talk and hang out before and after the band is performing but not during.

You may want to get your guests to pre-pay through Venmo or Zelle so you are guaranteed to cover the band fee. Let them know that
if they can’t show up, they should get a replacement or just donate the money.


REFUNDS can get difficult to manage. Though, if your guests pay over the band rate, (500 or 750) and the band is covered, you can give the no-shows their money back.

The Wild Life band will request that your audience:
  a. “Follow” them on FB and Instagram and subscribe to their  YouTube channel.
  b. Join their mailing list
  c. Buy some swag
  d. Share The Wild Life band with their friends to help build their audience
  e. Come to their gigs!

The Wild Life Price:

** Travel must be within a 30-minute radius of lower Westchester, NY

45 minutes @$500 - unplugged, no drum kit or amplification.
75 minutes @$750 - unplugged, no drum kit or amplification.

We know your people will be excited and grateful for this concentrated and emotionally fulfilling hour of listening and you don’t have to break the bank. We guarantee that it will be a memorable night. You don’t only get our music, you get our stories and some hang-out time with Nicole, Kerry, Miles, Neil, and Adrienne, if you so choose. And we do know how to get wild!

Please contact Nicole at 917-312-9930 or if you live in NYC or the Hudson Valley area and you want a WILD NIGHT House Concert in your home.

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